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  • Asset & Debt Division

    Asset & Debt Division

    North Texas Family Law Firm – Division of Property The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. has successfully managed complex property issues for divorcing couples, including those with high net worth. These issues include property division and the factors involved, including classification of separate versus community property, homestead, characterization…

  • Divorce Attorney: The Divorce Process

    Divorce Attorney: The Divorce Process

    The Divorce Process – The Basics A divorce is unquestionably one of life’s most stressful and traumatic events. As you embark on this process, you will have a lot of questions. When do I file? What happens after I file? Can those text messages that I regretted sending be used…

  • Divorce Attorney: How to Select a Divorce Attorney

    Divorce Attorney: How to Select a Divorce Attorney

    How to Select a Dallas Divorce Attorney  The following are general guidelines to consider when selecting a Dallas divorce attorney. For a free consultation to find out how our firm can assist in your particular case call us at (214) 347-2233or fill out our free case consultation form by clicking HERE.  Experience …

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  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence

    Georgia has enacted some of the country’s most stringent laws regarding domestic violence. These laws provide protection for victims of domestic violence by restraining their abusers and providing financial support to the victims. If you have experienced abuse or threats of domestic violence, you can count on David Lebowski to…

  • Contempt


    Contempt is the willful violation of a Court order. Once a contempt hearing is set, there are really only two defenses: If you are found to be in contempt, you may face some or all of the following consequences: If you have been falsely accused of contempt, the Court can order…

  • Modification of Child Support

    Modification of Child Support

    It is quite common for ‘final court orders’ to become ‘not final.’ They may be adjusted and changed as circumstances changes. Downward Modifications: An involuntary loss of income may be a basis for lowering your child support obligation. You must establish that there has been a substantial change in income…

  • Parents’ Rights

    Parents’ Rights

    Mothers rights to custody and the standard by which custody determinations are made in the family courts has changed significantly over the last century. In the early 1900’s, fathers were typically given custody of the children in the case of a divorce. In contested child custody cases today, in which…